I Was More Beautiful in Greece

I was more beautiful in Greece than I am in the plastic surgery soaked streets of L.A. In Greece men sang to me on the street. Of course these were the same men that repeatedly said “vissia” when I passed which translates to ”nipple,” but really means “nice tits,” but they were men, and they were singing. For me. So it’s still flattering in some too-embarrassing-for-a-feminist-to-admit kind of way. Although just once I wanted enough command of the language so that when a man would pull over, look me up and down and say “vissia” I could answer back, “Katelavano. Meelo Elaneeka, Malakis!” Which means “I understand because I speak Greek you bastard,” but I never got it out quite fast enough and instead the man would always drive away laughing like a school boy. Apparently in Greece nice tits are funny.