Media Deprivation

I’ve got one more week until I need to turn my manuscript over for proofreading and have much more to do than I’d hoped, so I am now in a self-imposed exile. No television, web-surfing, or radio. The only exception is for an hour a day when I go for a hike/walk/jog, (whichever I feel like that day) during which I can listen to Sirius Radio if AT&T feels like giving me the reception on my iPhone to do so. I’ve engaged in media deprivation before and have always found that after about day three, my restlessness settles and I am in a much better space creatively. Why don’t I always live like that if it’s so effective? The same reason I eat crap I shouldn’t and sometimes neglect to exercise–it’s just easier. But up against this deadline I have no choice and am determined to get done. Wish me luck!