Loving Life

So, I’m still trying to figure out exactly the direction this blog should go. I’m not a very linear person and yet I feel like there should be some kind of master plan with regards to how I present myself to the world. Since I haven’t come up with how best to do that, I’ll continue to post random stuff and see how it goes. In that vein, I thought I’d post what’s on my mind today.

I love my life. I feel so good about where I am both personally and professionally. This has not always been the case. Not by a long shot. If you’ve been reading this blog you know that since I was a child I’ve suffered from depression. It’s been a lifelong struggle and one I’m grateful to say is on an upswing. I can never say I’m “cured” because the thing about chronic depression is that you know it’s always waiting for you around some unknown corner, but I have learned to appreciate the time I spend out from under its cloud.

Now is one of those times. I’ve just finished my novel, Gateway, and it will be available on Amazon in less than two weeks. This gives me both a sense of accomplishment and hope. I have amazing friends. And I really do mean amazing. They have seen me through some dark days. Just as importantly, they have shared some really joyous occasions like my book launch party, as well as nights that started average and ended up epic–like my meeting with Quentin Tarantino last Saturday. I have an amazing family filled with strong women who have overcome so much it boggles the mind. (And there are a couple of amazing men, too.) My mother has taught me what generosity is and I hope I’ve learned the lesson well. My sister has taught me what it is to find common ground when you love someone.

I could list a hundred other people and things I’m grateful for right now, but that would get a little dull to anyone but me. Just know that if you’re suffering right now, there is hope, and if you are on an upswing like I am, cherish every minute.

If anyone you know suffers from depression, or you do yourself, I suggest this book, Prozac Nation. I found it spoke to the inner workings of my depression and because it is prose, is very easy to read.