On Scrapping Most of My First Draft

I was talking with a good friend about how I wouldn’t be using the majority of what I’d written for the first draft of Book 2 and she reminded me of a story about an artist (who’s name escapes me) that would paint an entire tree, even if the final piece would only depict a few limbs. When asked why he would do all of that extra work he said that if he didn’t paint the whole tree, how would he know where the branches belonged?

This was comforting, because I know that even if I don’t use much of what I’ve written, it all serves the overall story. I got a better understanding of some new characters, and found ways to increase tension in the plot. Ultimately, I’m changing things because I think it will make for a better novel, which makes the effort worth it.

So, I’m busy with draft 2, even if half of it will really be a first draft. Wish me luck!