I’m not Gonna Lie…

It’s been rough going this past week. I came back from Europe feeling invigorated and inspired, and then… I’m not sure what happened. Maybe it was just life that happened. I started feeling less than thrilled with what I was writing. Then I had a relationship rift I needed to heal. You know how draining that can be. The next day came the $1100 tax bill from incorrectly reporting my earnings in 2009.

I gave myself a couple of days to check out and recover, but it’s been a few, and I haven’t. I still feel blah and I still am not excited about where my story is going, even though logically, I think it’s going in the right direction. I’ve just lost the juice, the passion to get the words down on paper and I’m afraid that I might not find it anytime soon.

And it’s not just a passion for writing, I’m kind of feeling turned off by most things, which is a red alert for someone who suffers from depression. I’m doing my best to weather the storm and I hope it doesn’t last too long.