What to do when Everything Sucks

Hell if I know. And I suppose it isn’t everything. I mean, it’s never everything, right? Because I’m still breathing.
But I’m working on a movie that is sucking the soul right out of me with a few people I cannot wait to be away from. This will be the first wrap party I won’t attend.
Alas, it’s only 10 more days. 10 more days and I can dive back into Book 2 of the Gateway Series. I was so close to finishing before I took on this project so I’m looking at a release in early February, which I am very excited about.
On the plus side, this has been yet another opportunity for me to look at what I expect from people versus what they seem willing and/or able to give me with regards to loyalty and what I consider the basics of human decency.
My mantra (besides, “Only X number of days left!”) has been, “There is a place inside of me that this place cannot touch.” I’m happy to report that it’s true. Which, I suppose proves that not *everything* sucks. 🙂