Images of (Airbrushed) Beauty

I present these images not to denigrate or downplay the beauty of the women in them, but to point out exactly what’s being airbrushed. It’s not just blemishes and slimmer hips. It’s a complete overhaul of the human body. This isn’t a new practice–ancient sculpture and paintings always flattered the model–but unlike their predecessors, these images don’t just flatter and enhance the subject, they set up a standard of beauty no one can live up to. If Jessica Alba is getting heavily airbrushed, what hope do we mortal women have of achieving this modern day version of beauty? And while this gallery leaves out men, they are certainly being airbrushed as much as women. Not to mention the (possibly greater) damage it inflicts–giving men a completely false and unrealistic idea of what beauty is and what they expect/deserve in a partner.

She looks stunning in the before, but apparently not stunning enough. She’s been given a smaller waist, larger, firmer breasts, smaller hips, smoother skin, etc.

An undeniably beautiful woman–airbrushed or not–and yet even while presenting her as a voluptuous woman they set an impossible standard by slimming her her thighs and waist.

A tiny woman, and yet they give her more curves by slimming her waist. Also, they have removed the small fold where her arm joins her body. Why is that offensive enough to deserve removal?

Talk about setting an impossible standard for beauty… Bethenny Frankel is in amazing shape, and yet they felt the need to smooth her ribs. (Among other things) Personally, I like the “before” pic much better.

How do you feel when you look at these images, and how do you think they affect society as a whole?