A Cut so Deep

Yesterday, in response to what happened in a courtroom in Ohio, I wrote a stream of consciousness, from the heart piece. To my deep surprise, the essay went viral with the community the Chardon shooting affected. I’m not exactly sure why that happened, except that something must have resonated with those who chose to share it.

What I do know, is that when I heard what the shooter had to say, it was a cut so deep that nothing else remained except for compassion and love. It was as though his words were sharp enough that they eviscerated all else. This isn’t to say I don’t understand the outrage, both for his statement and his deed. It’s just that in that moment and in the subsequent moments, they ceased to exist for me. There just wasn’t room. The anger gave way to sorrow, and even that gave way to a river of compassion flowing from somewhere within me but not of me. Compassion for those suffering, and compassion for the parts of me that are yet unable to forgive.

Something opened in me yesterday–a heart level, a healing that I’ve touched but not fully surrendered to before this. I’ll carry the wound, and the blessing created by it with me always.

Thank you to those who read my simple words and thought them worthy of sharing.