Safe Space

Write now, as I type this, I’m scared. I have some health stuff happening that is already serious, and could get more so pretty quickly. 

The details aren’t important because the truth is, we’re all scared. And what’s important is what we do about it. How we treat ourselves. What we tell ourselves. 

Today, what I’m doing about it is making necessary phone calls and sitting in my garden. 

I feel held in this little patio that I’ve adorned with plants and flowers. It’s my safe space. And it’s the place I most easily get in touch with an even safer place–my own heart. 

We’re all going through something, always. Sometimes it’s a minor annoyance, sometimes it’s a health scare, or loss of a loved one. 

Where do you go–in your physical space, and your inner space–when you’re afraid, or when life is treating you harshly?

image via Widerbergs