What an Inchworm Can Teach You About Life

Lately, inchworms have been showing up in my world: in my garden and in images on social media. Never one to turn down a chance to look for deeper meaning, I’ve decided to look at the humble inchworm.

It’s slow-moving, there’s no doubt. And yet, if the desolation of my plants is any indication, it can certainly get a lot done.
That’s how I’ve felt with getting Tether (Book 3 in the #GatewayTrilogy) done. It’s been slow going–slower than the previous two books–and that has been frustrating for both me and my amazing readers who are wondering what happens to Ember.
But I keep moving forward, inch by inch, and Tether IS getting done.
If there’s a project you’ve been having a hard time with, stay the course, even if you’re only moving inch by inch.

Image via Lennart Tange