Everybody has their demons... Ember's want her dead.

Ember has always known she doesn't belong in this world, but when she takes matters into her own hands, she winds up in a mental institution.

There she draws the attention of Taren, a mysterious boy with a dangerous secret.

When demons attack and they are forced to flee together, Ember learns her secret might be the deadliest of all.

With a gateway to hell about to open in Los Angeles, Ember must choose--will she save the world... or end it?

Ember has a hot demon-hunter boyfriend, a job she loves, and a purpose in life. Too bad that Demon she slayed wasn’t the only one she needs to worry about…

Lesser demons are populating Los Angeles. Gateways around the world are weakening. Even one of Ember’s best friends is losing the Mark that makes her a Keeper. With so much at stake and so many questions, Ember is glad to be traveling to other Institutes in search of answers. That is, until another attack on her life confirms she’ll never truly be safe.

Then she meets Alexander, and Ember can’t be sure if he’s her enemy or greatest ally. Either way, she needs him, because he’s the only one who knows about… the Chasm.

Ember was only trying to keep a promise when she jumped into the demon world. But instead of saving Cole and his people, she found herself just as trapped as they are. She lives and learns with the Daemon survivors while the demon threat grows every day.

Meanwhile Taren struggles with his guilt for not stopping Ember. He’s desperate to know she’s alive, but there's been no sign of her except in his own vivid dreams.

As they struggle to reconnect, the Gateways around the world weaken, and the demons begin to amass for war. The end is near and Ember must face her fears if she has any hope of saving the world – or herself.

With everything falling apart, her only hope is to find...her Tether.